Welcome to Tom Whiting Models and Prototyping

TW Modelmaking and Prototyping offers professional craftsmanship to create models of all kinds. From transforming your early stage pencil sketch or digital CAD drawings, through to a refined finished article worthy of an exhibition stand. I will work with you on every step of your product development journey. A picture may be worth a thousand words but a physical model, to feel and to interact with, remains the single most important step in bringing your creations to life.

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Model Making Services

We are happy to work from concept to final model production and everything inbetween using a range of skills and approaches honed over many years. Our expertise lies in producing Sketch Models and Block Models, High Fidelity 'Looks Like' Models, Working Functional Models, and Scale Models and Display Models. For more information on our suite of model making services please choose your area of interest below or contact us.