'Works Like' Models or Functional Models

Confident that your product design is both feasible and aesthetically appealing, the next step is to focus on the mechanism of how it will work in the real world. The ‘Works-Like’ or Functional modelling phase focuses on testing the mechanical and/or electrical features of the design.

Please see some of my previous work below, click to enlarge. For more images, please visit the Gallery page.

The flexibility, strength and manufacturing capabilities of the materials used are all key considerations when prototyping. I can make the individual components of a much larger project separately, using either 3D printing or more traditional hand-made and machined techniques and sometimes in the correct materials that would be used in the final production product. This allows you to test the functionality of specific parts of a more complex design, in isolation and in a variety of materials. I can also make the model as a whole, to enable you to test the functionality of the product in its entirety. This will enable us to perfect solutions for your project at each level, whilst always considering the practicalities of upscaling production, before you take your product to manufacture.