Exhibition / Display Scale Models

An Exhibition or Display Model is the ideal accompaniment to demonstrate and promote your product at a trade show. It also provides a fundamental promotional tool to raise interest and investment. Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings, I can create the Display Model to suit your scale requirements. Making the model to real life dimensions will give users and investors a true representation of the size and weight of the product. I can scale up the model if the design is very small and the beauty is in the detail. Scaling down particularly large designs can make it more practical to transport and show in a fixed space. I can design and construct a cut away display model of your product to reveal the inner features that would be of most interest and would otherwise remain hidden.

Please see some of my previous work below, click to enlarge. For more images, please visit the Gallery page.

Models can be static or created to involve animated mechanisms, using motors and lights to show the movement of certain components. Or simply to create an eye catching spectacle. Whatever your display needs and wishes, I can help to ensure that the final model works hard and makes an impact.