Sketch Models or Block Models

The first step in product development is creation of a Sketch or Block Model. Or simply put, a three dimensional physical model made from a pencil drawing or sketch. Its purpose is to provide an early-stage indication of what your product might look like, or feel like in the hand or space it’s intended for. The aesthetics and precisely how it will work follow later, this is about giving proof of concept.

Please see some of my previous work below, click to enlarge. For more images, please visit the Gallery page.

I create these models from foam or card, offering a fast and cost effective option to gauge whether your innovative new product is on the right track. It may seem tempting to skip this step however many a virtual design has unravelled when the laws of physics come into play. I would highly recommend contracting this type of model and certainly before you spend time, energy and money on further product development or marketing.