'Looks Like' Models or High Fidelity Models

The visual appeal of a product heavily influences the user experience and its marketing. A ‘Looks-like’ model (also known as a High Fidelity Model) is just what it says on the tin; a model of what the finished product will look like in size, shape and appearance. This type of model is usually the next step after the Sketch Model phase, the purpose being to provide multiple versions of the design as you tweak and perfect the look and fit.

Please see some of my previous work below, click to enlarge. For more images, please visit the Gallery page.

I use a combination of different maker approaches and processes depending on your modelling needs. My workshop has a variety of 3D printing capabilities. Or perhaps a more traditional highly skilled hand-made approach to building the parts would be best suited to your project.

My fixation for attention to detail in painting and finishing ensures that you will receive a highly polished and quality model. This will help you to explore colour matching, textures and graphics if required. As close as you will get to the real thing, visually, but without the time and expense of creating a fully working prototype.